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The festival program
The festival foresees diverse programme as usual offering variety of art forms. representing of classical and contemporary dance, concert, street show, visual art exhibition and films.

The dates

7th - 30th April, 2014
The venue

National Opera house in Riga;
Congress Hall in Riga;
Culture centre in Preiļi;
Culture centre in Valmiera;
Concert Hall “ Gors” in Rēzekne;
Theatre House “Jūras vārti” in Ventspils

The opening

The opening of the festival will be held at Riga Railway station by offering the charity concert “Dvēseles stīgas.”  The concert consists of ballet and dances of various Latvian choreographers with instrumental music of R.Pauls and violin concert by R.Ozols. The programme of the concert was created in May 2013 in honour of philanthropist, artist and entrepreneur A.Dombrovskis.

The Gala Concert

The Gala concert is the apogee of the festival held in the National Opera house and providing the performances of principal dancers, new talents, the winners of international ballet contests, outstanding choreographers. The Gala Concert reflects the novelty in the art of dance in the world level. Various countries will be represented for this festival also like – Hungary, France, Russia, Germany and Baltic countries.    

Contemporary Dance Company Opinion Public

The company Opinion Public is composed of five dancers. While drawing inspiration from their personal and professional experience in the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, the company is driven by a common desire: to create a distinctive choreographic style. This need of independence was confirmed in a project, has become a goal, a vision shared by each member. The title of the company is very significant to the ambition and scope of the pieces. In fact, topics are and will be approached related to the public and the place of man in various aspects of their lives, within different situations of society. A task almost titanic and an ambition "tantalienne" as the field of action wide. The subjects discussed are common to all, the company Opinion Public aims to be constantly evolving on human and artistic level. That is why it 's inspired and guided by events and circumstances, but never will freeze its vision....

Flamenco show by Jesus Carmona & Cia from Barcelona

Jesus Carmona & Cia company is a troupe of 10 people: 5 musicians, 4 female dancers and Jesus Carmona himself. J. Carmona has started his dancers career since age of 7. Besides the career of professional flamenco dancer, J.Carmona has Degree in Spanish Dance. In 2011 Carmona was awarded  with the First Prize as “ First Outstanding Dancer” in the XX Flamenco and Spanish dancer Contest. The show "Black & White" to be performed at the festival is not just an emotional flamenco show, it is philosophy of Yin and Yang.

Film The king is dancing (Le Roi danse)

The movie shows the relationships between the king Louis XIV, the compositor Jean-Baptiste Lully and Molière. Louis XVI is passionate about dance; while his influence at the court is growing Jean-Baptiste Lully composes ballets to him.  There are two protagonists - first the title character, Louis XIV, the French sun-king who has two passions, establishing absolute rule over the realm -after decades of religious/civil wars- by divine right and artistic brilliancy as a dancer (like Nero wrote and performed musical poetry), and starts asserting himself against the entourage of his mother, the regent during his minority, by building his palace complex and launching a 'fitting' new, mainly musical display of baroque show. Secondly the musical genius Gianbattista Lulli ('Jean-Baptiste') Lully, a Florentine upstart of unbridled ambition, quickly gains the king's absolute trust, despite the nationalist and aristocratic opposition to a low-born Italian, and thus turns the normally socially humble post of court composer into a 'ministerial portfolio of culture' of Cabinet rank, complete with a monopoly which kills of his artistic rivals in operatic theater.
The passion of Lois XVI is dance. Jean-Baptiste Lully composes ballets to him.
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