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Black and White: A Show by Jesus Carmona & Cia Flamenco Dance Company (Barcelona)
The leader of the Cia Flamenco Dance Company as well as its choreographer and soloist, Jesus Carmona, is currently a first-rate flamenco star in Spain and around the world.

For Latvian viewers, the troupe will present a show called” Black and White”, which Carmona himself describes as follows: “Life is a co-existence of two columns: abundance and emptiness, white and black... Flamenco is emotions, illusions, dreams, longings and an urge to fight.”

Since he was seven, Jesus Carmona has been learning the art of flamenco with different experts, like Barbara Kaspovich, Rodolfo Castellanos, Ion Garnica and others.

Carmona has a degree in Spanish Dance and Flamenco from the Barcelona Dance and Theatre Institute.  He received the grand prix at the XX Flamenco and Spanish Dance Contest in 2011. At the age of sixteen, he began a professional career at Teatro Zorilla in Barcelona.

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