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The 24th International Baltic Ballet Festival offers dance companies from Portugal and China, exhibitions, and masterclasses
The 24th International Baltic Ballet Festival will take place from 19 March to 20 April 2019, and it will offer a gorgeous and exciting program as always.
On March 20, the Portuguese Dance Company Vortice will visit the VEF Culture Palace with their performance Dracula. This show is a story of obedience and domination inspired by and characterised artistically by the music of Philip Glass, Sergey Rachmaninov, and Lou Reed. “The legendary figurative interpretation of this legend and the unique characteristics of the personages with the bright and emotional choreography characteristic of this dancing company only will be a real pleasure!” admitted Mrs Lita Beiris, Director of the Festival. On March 22, this performance will be visiting the Preili Culture Centre.
The traditional festival opening concert will take place at the Riga International Railway Station on March 19, where one will enjoy different styles of dance and the latest developments in choreography. On the same day, a photo exhibition dedicated to the Festival will be opened in the Gallery Centrs.
On April 1, the Latvian National Opera will host a spectacular gala concert “Ballet Stars Gala”, featuring outstanding ballet artists from the Royal Ballet of England, the Royal Danish Opera, the Hungarian National Ballet, the Czech National Ballet, the ballet stars of the Berlin State Opera and the Bolshoi Theatre, the Finnish National Opera, the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Estonia Theatre, and other Opera Houses. “Our winged motto is ‘From classics to avant-garde’. That will be a genuine dancing festivity!” promised and invited Mrs Lita Beiris.
Beijing Dance Academy will perform their splendid show “Beauty beyond Words” for the first time at the VEF Culture Palace in Riga on April 10, at the Latgale Embassy GORS in Rezekne on April 12, ​​and at the Theatre House Sea Gate in Ventspils on April 14. “It will be a Chinese classical dance, beauty beyond words indeed,” stated Mrs Lita Beiris about the upcoming guest performances.
On April 11, the Chinese classical dance masterclass organised by the Beijing Dance Academy will take place in Riga.
Tickets to the Festival concerts are available and the Biļešu Paradīze box offices and website
Information regarding the Festival is available at social media Facebook and Festival website
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